Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today is the day! The day when I get to see one of my favorites perform on stage once AGAIN! I will be singing my heart out and have a FAB time with my girls, Natalie (check out her blog) and Kayla. The last concert was epic and I am convinced that tonight will not fall short! It is so amazing to see an artist so dedicated to her fans and truly go for what she believes in. Her last song, Born this Way, describes it all.

However she is not only a phenomenal singer, she is now considered a fashion icon by the CFDA. Her style is just HER and you can not help but appreciate that. She is who she is. Most people will believe that she is insane for all her outfits, but who cares! She is living her life and wearing what she likes. Are you?

Check her out doing the cat walk for the Mugler Fall 2011 show:

Seriously, how much more badass can she be?! The collection is so dark and mobbish, which I AM A TOTAL FAN OF! For you that truly know me, you know why. ;) Being the diva that she is, she purchased the entire collection and why not. She is Lady G after all!

She was also featured on Vogue's March issue. No joke, I plan on framing the cover.

Here are my favorite photos:

Alexander McQueen gold embroidered tulle dress. Tom Binns Design necklace.

Hussein Chalayan black leather jacket, Lady Gaga’s own.

Lady Gaga in Louis Vuitton silk blouse and pants.

“She has the fashion, the performance—the entire vision,” says Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine. “It’s very, very rare.”

As if being an incredible singer and having a risky style is not enough, she is a strong gay activist! And I love her even more for that! I stand by her 100% and believe that every individual should have the right to do as they wish, it does not matter if you are black, white, or beige! ;) There is nothing wrong with loving who you are and no one should tell you otherwise.

To add to her amazingness, she created a nude lipstick and lipglass for all skincolors for MAC Cosmetics . She is the spokeswoman for their AIDS FUND and 100% of the proceeds go to the cause. I have the lipstick and it is truly one of my favorites. Go out and get it!

As you can see, I am a huge fan and I am beyond ecstatic for tonight! I will leave you with this article to read, titled: "Lady Gaga on What drives her" by WWD.

Have a fab Tuesday everyone!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giantsology - Spring Training

"Giantsology Trivia Challenge" - San Francisco Giants Baseball Updated for 2010!

This is my new favorite book and I am happy to share this challenge with you! These first questions are considered to be part of "Spring Training," so they should be fairly easy! The answers will be posted on the comments.

1. When was the nickname Giants officially adopted by the Franchise?
A) 1885
B) 1893
C) 1901
D) 1908

2. What are the Giants' official colors?
A) Orange and Black
B) Orange, Black, and White
C) Orange and Cream
D) Orange, Black, and Cream

3. The Giants won the National League Pennant greater than 30 times?
A) True
B) False

4. Who hit the most home runs for the Giants in 2009?
A) Bengie Molina
B) Juan Uribe
C) Aaron Rowand
D) Pablo Sandoval

5. Who did the Giants play in the 2003 National League Divisional Series?
A) Colorado Rockies
B) Arizona Diamondbacks
C) Chicago Cubs
D) Florida Marlins

You can get the book through amazon! But, I will be having future posts with more trivia!

Now answer and DO NOT CHEAT!


"Little Big Man"

As you may already know, Timmay has graced us with yet another magazine cover. This time it was the New York Style Magazine. Here you have it:
I have yet to get the magazine, however I read the following article from their site. Well written and incredible pictures!
Photographs by Richard Burbridge. 

Little Big Man - Read the Article!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

24 more days!

24 more days until the magic starts for me! The magic that I am speaking of, you guessed it, seeing the champions play. After reading an article last night on my MLB At Bat app, I realized that some of the big players did not show their talent throughout the entire season of 2010. The Rookie of Year to begin with, Mr. Buster Posey, Freddy Sanchez, Pat Burrell, and Ross the boss. These guys were significant to getting our title. Most will agree that pitching was our strong point, we have not lost any major pitchers and by having these guys from the get go only adds to our offense in a major way. Let us not forget, the 21 year old kid, Maddie! Having the best record in Spring Training 15-5 can only signify that this team is ready for some real ball and I am ready for 4/9/11 6:05 pm to come!

Taken by Meeee!
One of the many pictures I took from the 2010 season!


Chanel Fall 2011 RTW

I have been gone for sometime, but I am back to show off my favorite designer. I have three words to describe this collection: Boyish. Badass. Beautiful.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Giants starting rotation

Here you have it, announced by General manager, Sabean:

1. Timmay
2. Jonathan Sanchez
3. Matt Cain
4. Barry Zito
5. Maddie

Now do work kids! I know you will not let us down!



Giants fans, get excited! It has been added, check out the paintings!

(Brock Keeling / SFist)

(Brock Keeling / SFist)

It only took them 5 months! I just can not wait until Opening Night!